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Teach, Reflect, Doodle pt1

September saw the release of Teach, Reflect, Doodle

My 1st book for teachers has finally been published! Teach, Reflect, Doodle! (Available here )


It’s been over two years now since I received a mysteriously intriguing email from Bloomsbury Publishing asking if I’d be interested in visiting their London offices to discuss potential book ideas based around the sketchnotes I’d published online (here).

In the two intervening years I’ve moved jobs, relocated across the UK and gone into London to Bloomsbury for many a meeting as the team and I crafted a delightfully creative new approach to personalised professional development for teachers.

Now it’s October 2016 and Teach, Reflect, Doodle is out there for all to buy, read and most importantly add too and doodle. The book covers topics ranging from AFL to making the most of observations with lots more in between!


I’m overjoyed at how the book is being received by teachers around the world!

I do mean around the world! From the USA to Germany and South Africa I’ve received messages from teachers and lecturers praising its unique approach. That just seems amazing to me!

more on AFL.png

It’s hugely rewarding to see that an idea I have had has been embraced by my colleagues in the UK and around the globe.

For the Dyslexic boy inside me who wanted to be a writer when he was in Middle School there’s an extra feeling of pride that goes alongside seeing my book featured on book sellers websites and on peoples recommended reading lists!


This book is about sharing both my ideas and my approach to simplifying what at times feels like the hardest job in the world! If I can make the job easier and enjoyable for teachers then I’m very pleased indeed.

ict in class.png

Ok everyone pens at the ready….ready, set, Doodle!

Click to order your copy:

book cover image.jpg

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