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Differentiation in 3 words

How do I make this easier? Differentiation is a real headache for many teachers, it’s something I see many training days focusing on and many teachers being told to brush […]

Hands up AFL

Another new video tip Hands up & then some…part of a new series designed to support assessment for learning in the classroom. From dead simple tips to the more interesting ideas that […]

AFL tips

New video tips for 2017 …Part of a new series designed to support assessment for learning in the classroom. From dead simple tips to the more interesting ideas that take […]

The Purple pen…

This video is a huge hit over on the FaceBook page, how to increase pupil engagement in reflective activities with just a pen….and possibly a feather!

AFL – One way to use sticky notes…

Quick tip to make (some) AFL faster AFL doesn’t have to be about writing pages and page of feedback, sometimes for some comments you find you have to repeat often […]

AFL – tips for getting it done

It’s not rocket science, but (particularly) if you are a trainee, or NQT, just getting started with your assessments is a challenge. This 30second tip filled video is designed to […]

New Planner and Resources social media advert

All you need to know about the BiteSize Lesson Planner and Classroom Resources designed to make teachers lives easier and their teaching more engaging and effective. The video includes feedback […]

Challenge made easy

Add just 3 words to increase challenge A really easy start to increasing challenge in your lessons by just using 3 words more often. This 1st video gives you the […]

Peer Assessment Quick tip

Part of a new series of quick tips…. Peer Assessment and using vocabulary in class… View this video on YouTube & the FaceBook page where you can discuss Peer Assessment […]

Video Blog

First video blog post, have been meaning to try this for a long while. Be kind viewers, be kind! For ordering and info on the classroom resoucres follow this link Paul


Set a visual time limit How often do you say “You’ve 10minutes on this task” ? Often? Probably very often, we often set time limits on activities in class, and […]

YouTube Teaching Ideas

A very short ‘sign post’ post today. In my undending search for online resoueces to support BTEC L2/3 IT i discovered these excellent resources and teaching ideas for subject teachers! […]

The Creative Partner, Google & KS3 IT

Google sites to engage students In redesigning the KS3 ICT SoW this year I have had complete freedom to be as innovative as I liked. So I’m trying out all […]

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