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Classroom Resources thank you to all

I want to say a huge thank you to the teachers out there who are buying, using and finding my teaching resources so very useful at Primary and Secondary across all subject areas.

It’s heart warming  to see you sharing your creative uses of the resources on social media.

Thank you so much! For resource in for click here.

Here’s a gallery of some tweets…


  1. A well deserved gallery of success!! I’m continuing to promote what you sent me at every turn! Ms Wright at Haydock loves them as your top tweet shows. More opportunities this week! Keep up the great work. Carmel

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    • Thank you Carmel – it genuinely fills me with such pride that what started as a scribbled idea then became a word document that went through the photocopier so many times now has a growing fan base as a series of bright and beautiful resources 👍

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