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Teach, Reflect, Doodle

What’s inside the doodle book for teachers..


The book

This is ‘the’ doodle book for teachers – I designed it to act both as an inspiration for improving classroom practice but also as a space for you to record your own ideas and professional development!


What’s inside?

The book started life as a guide to the first years of your teaching career but then quickly expanded into a book for every teacher at every level which also includes some sections specific to training and NQT years.


The book takes a fresh, easy to use approach to Assessment for Learning, delivering assemblies, organising school trips, and starting lessons with a bang! It also covers trying to find the work life balance, keeping calm, handling stress and has some pages of pure colouring and doodling delight to help your mind switch off when it needs to!


I’m proud of very single page in the book, every page was hand drawn by myself starting as a scribble sketch before being refined into a visual doodle for the reader to engage with.


I’ve taken my 1o years of open minded teaching in secondary schools across England and refined the best teaching tips, the most time worthy advice and the most honest guidance into 100+ pages of visualisations for teachers.

photocopierThe book aims to help you get through a year in teaching and have your own visual notes to reflect on as you progress through the year.

Grab a pen and start doodling!

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