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CAssessing needs to be thought through to be successful

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Problems faced:

My faculty faced a number of challenges in KS3 last year and this – when I took over there was a wide range of standards in evidence produced by learners for assessment.

Similarly there was a wide range in content being delivered by staff with little of no standardisation/moderation taking place.

Assessment criteria was not clear and neither were the assessments themselves.


To combat this I’ve issued learners with books, journals of their learning in the subject I like to call them.

Learners now follow a set of assessment grids (for each topic KS3) and work on a project for a set number of weeks – at the end of the project each learner completes an assessment sheet designed to closely link to the assessment grid they’re been taught from.

esafety image

I’ve collected some of the better assessment sheets we’ve used from this year and am posting them here for anyone to use.

I’ll post the assessment grids that go with them asap (PDF issues at moment)


A3 e Safety assessment

A3 Spreadsheets KS3 assessment NEW

internet searching Assessment sheet

NEW Graphics KS3 assessmen A3

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