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Category: HoD

Good practice – AFL in books and folders

In trying to define expectations across the new department this is one of the ‘snap shot’ reminders posters I created, and have since shared whole school. Regardless of anyone preparing […]

5th Week as HoD

AFL – setting and maintaining standards 4th Week as HoD has had my focus all about ‘in house’ AFL practice, identifying good practice that exists and signposting the team to […]

4th Week as HoD

Busy, busy , busy Performance management, understanding what Ofsted will expect from me as a HoD and my team if/when they come. And then, Open Evening, an amazing opportunity to […]

3rd Week as HoD

  Meetings, meetings, more meetings       A new skill, meetings, no really attending or running them requires skills! Organising before running a meeting, sending out an agenda (I […]

2nd Week as HoD

Data, data. data – week 2 as HoD I’ve always had a ‘beef’ with data, and I’ve learned why; it’s because in my early teaching career data we thrust towards […]

1st Week as HoD

  What an intense 1st week! Any 1st week is tough, 1st week in teaching, 1st at a new school, 1st in a new role…I’m discovering that new school and […]

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