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“Digital media literacy…

…is a term that describes the set of critical thinking skills required for the effective use of digital media.” (

North West Learning Grid DL site

North West Learning Grid DL site

This is a one of those things, you’re doing it all the time, very aware of its importance, but the term attached to it ‘Digital Media Literacy’ is a little new to some ICT teaching professionals.

The website that NWLG has created is a learning tool intended to explore digital literacy, and allows the teacher to create work that focuses on the knowledge and skills related to accessing, understanding and evaluating digital information.” Which is a nice resource for those teaching Functional Skills !

The resource is FLASH driven (so check your schools network will handle it), with funky colours, & a simplistic interface, the aim is for students to interact with the multiple quizzes and then receive digital feedback evaluating their Digital Literacy skills. The grid has uploaded a teachers resource to help you design your use – including lesson objectives for DL.

Example quiz for students to interact with

Example quiz for students to interact with

Review of students answers = their Digital Literacy skill

Review of students answers = their Digital Literacy skill

I’m impressed with the fun resource, and intend on including it in my teaching of FS from Sept 09, and am sure it will find its way into KS4+ lessons too!

Have a look yourselves and see what you think. Post a comment of your thoughts.

Ref, starting point for this blog came from here –

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  1. Though the interactive desktop was really good.

    PC or Apple? Well, the best thing about apples are apple crumble!

    You might have heard old people talk about VHS and the technically superior Betamax. Guess who won; why? because it had all the “software”.

    In terms of education we need to think about what kids can afford; What’s the cost of the cheapest Mac compared to a PC netbook?

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