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Apple in Education…

I know some people think I go on and on about how Macs can have a huge positive impact on ICT in Education. If I’m honest there was a time when someone tried very hard to persuade me to buy a Mac and I refused on  the grounds of “New way of working and I’ve been using Windows for all my life it’ll take me forever to learn the Mac way”macsss

Oh how wrong I was!! Really wrong!!

Thought I’d point people in the direction of the Mac teaching/education website – see if that can help both students and teacher turn to the Mac world! 🙂

Macs work so well because they are creative, imaginative and innovative…3 of the most important elements in inspiring young people!

on already

Creative software software as standard!!

The Mac has a price tag, but if at first you can see past that to the longer term benefits to ICT and education that they offer you’ll see you’re investing in ICT not just spending on it!

Apple already know the impact they have on education!

Apple already know the impact they have on education!

Look at the evidence that the Mac is leading the way – Vista OS has “borrowed” much of its layout, interactivity and much much more from the Mac OSs of the past. And then of course there is the I-Phone, just look at how many phones are rushing to copy its interface! (see my article on I-Phones in education)

They call it itunes U

Itunes even now has a whole section dedicated to the education sector! with a huge library of videos and podcasts including material from the Open University!

Schools can also upload their own content, videos, photocasts, or pod casts.

It’s about innovation, trying out something new and in many ways exciting! Students LOVE to try new things, they love the latest tech. Look at how many of your students have ipod touches and iphones already!

Link to Apple Education pages – teachers – (Explore – Enjoy)

Link to Apple Education pages – students – (Explore – Enjoy)

Any thoughts, questions, suggestions please post in a comment.

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