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Place your BETTs now!!!

The BETT show – the teachers version of a free run in a sweet shop!!

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It’s a couple of years since I last got the chance to go to the show, it was such an inspiring trip I would recommend it to anyone involved in ‘front line educating’ as well as those involved in any whole school ICT strategic planning.

Like we tell our students, you have to go in with an Open Mind, go with that sense of wonder in your head that you had as a child when you went pond dipping and had no idea what you’d find in your net!

The size of BETT takes you by suprise

The size of BETT takes you by suprise

Pond dipping for that sense of wonder!

Open your mind and let your feet guide you around the HUGE floor space then see what amazing products and services and other cutting edge technology fire up your sense of wonder!


Explaining what is at the BETT show could take all night, the highlights are;

  1. Free Seminars given by the leading educational pros in the UK (topics in the past covered ‘Schools for the future’ ‘Online learning innovation’ ‘inspiring learners’.
  2. Input from specialist industry leaders
  3. Q&A sessions with educational specialists
  4. The whole floor of the London Olympia full of technology suppliers (Software & Hardware + more)

Experience BETT

Last years TeachMeet @ BETT

Last years TeachMeet @ BETT

It’s an experience that can easily fill as whole day, and leave you worn out by the close of the event! (in a great way)

One of the ‘side shows’ of the BETT show is ‘TeachMeet‘ a community (lives online prior to events) for teachers to meet & discuss their uses of ICT, its a great opportunity to share ideas and experience and expand your network of contacts and friends within education – & so better your teaching through sharing your good practices beyond your school or LA.

Just one more thing…student involvement!

The student voice

The student voice

Last time I was there I spoke to a number of teachers who were actually there with students, groups of students they had chosen to take in order to get their input on what technology would inspire their learning!! Now that sounds so logical when you hear it, but until then it had never crossed my mind! – It’s something to look into trying isn’t it?!

This years BETT show runs from 13 – 16th January 2010!

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