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Creative CPD

Is it “out with the old?”…

I have never been a huge fan of CPD which (only) involved sitting listening to someone in a hall, alright sometimes it’s the right call, but most of the time I’m thinking – if this was a lesson, and I was being observed…”Where’s the progress? Where’s the engagement? etc, my mind starts to go off somewhere else :-s

Anyway, since september I have had a number of opportunities to lead CPD sessions with the focus of increasing pupil engagement using 21st Century technology.

New delivery method?…

To help me deliver the content, and ensure that it was available to staff beyond the hour and a half session we had I set up this google site as a reference point for staff. I thought I would share it here for interested parties.

To be honest, I think ‘accessible resources’ are the future of ongoing CPD, with budget cuts etc…


Google site

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