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Twitter and the teacher…

Why should you as a teacher be engaging with Twitter?

I would say…Because it can be a resource, an aide to your own learning, and an insight into the education community worldwide!


Twitter is like a conversation that the whole world is in on, but that can be filtered (using twitter tags) to just subjects you are interested in. In my case Education. Tags like ‘ukedchat’ will show you a run of conversation that teachers and educators are having!


It’s a wealth of links to other teachers, new ideas and often resources that you find invaluable but might otherwise have not heard of for months!


Your identity can be protected, and what you post can be too! Oh, and DON’T talk about the students you teach, or people you work with…that would be silly ! 🙂

The future…

CPD is getting expensive, and isn’t always at the front of the 21st Century line…Twitter, and ‘ukedchat’ are!

Give it a go…

Some suggested people to follow, and places to go to read more…

Creative teaching blog

Teaching news – what I’ve found on twitter


Teachers – Twitter – Video

Some of the people I think are worth following:










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