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Resources to support Outstanding teaching

Questions ResourceResources to support outstanding learning

Good resources in the hands of a good, well trained teacher can lead to outstanding learning!

I’ve been mentoring and coaching a lot of staff this year, seeing learning happening across different departments at different key stages. I was struck by the similarity in teaching dilemmas being faced.

  • Subject vocabularycoaching puzzle
  • Measuring progress
  • Subject knowledge
  • Peer assessment
  • Self assessment

These were just some areas where the challenges faced were the same and the consistency of learning varied the most.

I saw some valiant efforts on the part of teachers but the outcomes could be so hit and miss. I have a range of resources that I’ve been using for a very long time that I started to suggest people try in their lessons to tackle these generic aspects of teaching and learning.

The impact was wonderfully positive!

Bigger picture

Seeing positive impact on learning, and a more consistent level of good and outstanding learning happening as a result, I started to look at how to share these ideas and resources wider. TES online has proved very useful for many of my resources! So I began sharing resources there.

The Deal

sinclairs logoI’ve just entered into a relationship with a wonderfully creative company that already makes resources for schools (text books, timetables books, planners etc) to produce these resources in a way that makes them affordable (like REALLY REALLY affordable) as a resource for teachers around the world to order and use in their classes.

The Gallery now shows you the original designs by me, and the latest ‘mock ups’ of the tools…coming soon!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Included here is a sneak preview of the resources so you can see the aspects of learning that they cover. More information will follow very soon as this week the 1st professional ‘mock up’ copies arrive in the post for my approval. Exciting times!

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