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Collaborative lesson planning…

“I love it when a plan comes together!”

I may have mentioned earlier that this year I finally have an opportunity to test out the potential of Google Apps for Education on a large scale thanks to the creative and innovative methodology of my school. 

Within the IT department I set out my vision at the start of the year…“I really look forward to the day when as teachers we just find ourselves collaborating on a lesson presentation, adding a good resource we know, or an activity or quote, just because we can and we know it’ll help the lesson”.

Well, the two newest members of the department just proved me right in my belief this week…

“We’ve had a look at the lesson for CORE IT next week, well, we thought we could add a few things (its from last year before our new progress plans) and we’ve updated the presentation, Peter has added a word bank of more appropriate vocabulary & I’ve developed and added a new activity”

It was one of those moments, one of those “Yes this is it, exactly where we want to go” the potential to develop collaborated upon lessons, fulller than ever before, built upon the expertise of a range of teachers…tell me you can’t see how amazing that can be??!!

Made the end of my week special!!

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