Trainee teachers

thought 2Training to teach is HARD!

Are you a tough  trainee teacher?  I remember it well, and I see the stress in the trainees I mentor and support.

Want to contribute a tip? Share an idea with a worldwide audience on via this site?

I’d love to publish more tips by trainees for trainees on this site, if you’ve a simple but effective idea you could explain in about 3 paragraphs and some pictures fill out the contact me form by CLICKING HERE  and drop me an email to see about sharing your idea on  the site!

Supporting Trainees

From the navigation menu labelled ‘Trainee Teachers’ you are transported to free resources and posts on the site that are more relevant to those of you on a Teacher training course of some kind.

Topics covered are things like Behaviour Management, Literacy, E-Safety, Numeracy & much much more.

I hope it’s all of use to support you as you train and develop!

Use the Navigation above to transport you to useful posts and resources.

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