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Posts which accompany my 100 Ideas book – 100 Ideas for Stretch and Challenge

100 Ideas: Fact sheets

Fact sheets This is idea No. 75 in the book! Book extract: Learners are challenged to demonstrate their existing knowledge and build new knowledge in order to create a fact […]

100 Ideas: Nuggets with a source

Give students time to interview (speed-date style) their classmates to collect ten nuggets of knowledge on a topic on their worksheet. See the online resources for a template. You might find it useful to rearrange the layout of your classroom to facilitate this activity.

100 Ideas: A to Z

A to Z of your subject This is idea No. 65 in the book! Book extract: Start the lesson by giving each student an A to Z sheet that has […]

100 Ideas: Self-marking frame

Self-marking frame This is idea No. 58 in the book! Book extract: Challenge your learners to self-mark usingan A3 sheet of paper. Around the edge of the sheet you attach […]

100 Ideas: Snakes, ladders and challenge cards

Challenge your learners to create their own board game at the end of a unit of study or a term. The game can be loosely based on snakes and ladders (i.e. they move spaces based on a throw of a dice).

100 Ideas: Throw the dice

Throw the dice This is idea No. 47 in the book! Book extract: Challenge your learners to make a dice and accompanying game. Once completed the learners get to play […]

100 Ideas: Dingbats

Challenge learners in pairs or small groups to solve the dingbats you display on your board.

100 Ideas: Guess who?

Set up a Guess Who? board. Students work in pairs and pose a series of questions to knock down cards they can identify.

100 Ideas: Memorise this

  Memorise this… This is idea No. 13 in the book! Book extract: You need a minimum of a three-slide presentation for this. Slide one shows the things you want […]

100 Ideas: Tutor time news quiz

News Quiz This is idea No. 17 in the book! Book extract: Tutor time sometimes feels unstructured. Once you’ve done the register and sorted some of the uniform issues, you […]

100 Ideas: Build a strong case

Build a strong case… This is idea No. 35 in the book! Book extract: You know those colour swatches you can pick up in DIY stores? Well, here’s another use […]

100 Ideas: Litmus marking

For this you can use a visual colour scale (you might think of a litmus test colour chart or those colour swatches you see in DIY stores). Learners will then follow criteria you give them and select a colour level as their feedback to either themselves if self-marking or a peer if peer-marking.

100 ideas: Brain Bingo

If you know bingo you’ll get this straight away. You create a bingo card that has the answers to a series of questions on it.

100 Ideas: Hexagon challenges

A fun, engaging way of providing different challenges to each learner in a class. This works really well with Key Stage 3 classes. I’ve seen this idea adapted in many ways by wonderfully creative teachers!

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