Primary Computer Science

Are your Key Stage 2 students prepared?

Are your students properly prepared for the transition to Key Stage 3 with the knowledge and skills they need in Computer Science?

Confident Computer Science classes for your students

From September 2019, I (Paul @tips4teachingUK) am offering a new course: Confident Computer Science, designed to prepare Key Stage 2 students for the expectations of Key Stage 3 and beyond, from confidently creating/using algorithms and computational thinking, to planning, designing and creating their own variables and loops!

I am offering Confident Computer Science courses that are tailored to the needs of your students and school.

Adaptable options available:

– One term (1 lesson a week) course.

– Three term course.

– Computer Science CPD for staff.

– Cyber Safety CPD for teaching and non-teaching staff.

In your school from September 2019

As you plan your staffing structure and curriculum coverage for next year now is the best time to get in touch with me so that we can plan together how best to offer Confident Computer Science to your students.

Schools in Northumberland, North Tyneside and Newcastle

With 11 years experience across the country in a range of classroom settings and leadership roles, I am offering my expertise to Primary Schools across Northumberland and North Tyneside and Newcastle and Durham, as well as CPD support across the UK.

Confident Computer Science students

Courses on offer from September 2019

Confident Computer
Science course
Confident Computer
Science CPD
Cyber Safety CPD

Confident Computer Science course

The Confident Computer Science course offers your school and students the following (and more):

– Weekly inspiring and engaging practical Computer Science lessons.

– Access to online learning materials that accompany lessons and include stretch and challenge materials for students who want to take learning further, both in and outside of class.

– Assessment and progress tracking against KS2 Computer Science curriculum content.

– Reporting on pupil progress for schools to share with parents.

– Badge & certificate-based progress markers.

Confident Computer Science CPD

– Tips for planning full coverage Computer Science curriculum at Key Stage 2.

– Modelling long and medium term planning, as well as individual lesson planning for curriculum coverage.

– Workshopping/roleplaying individual activities for engaging lessons.

Cyber Safety CPD

– An interactive and informative 1/2 day training for staff covering the latest cyber safety issues, including the latest CEOP advice for teachers, school leaders and support staff.

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