Remember, they remember…

There are moments that you remember all your life, for example… and… Short post this, but its important to remember that teachers are as memorable as the clips you just […]

Place your BETTs now!!!

The BETT show – the teachers version of a free run in a sweet shop!! Prologue It’s a couple of years since I last got the chance to go to […]

“Digital media literacy…

…is a term that describes the set of critical thinking skills required for the effective use of digital media.” ( This is a one of those things, you’re doing it […]

Interactive class-room desks!!!!

I always believe that innovation isn’t about having the latest gadget, its about thinking of something to do with it that no-one else has though up yet. With that in […]


It’s summer so I can say I’m on my holls & will post some ‘light’ posts as well as focused clever thinking ones. If you still remember your school days, […]

Wider than just ICT…

Blood, Sweat and Takeaways The BBC shows some of the best shows, from Dr Who to this little gem that I happened upon when I left my TV running this […]

New teaching resource from the BBC

“BBC teachers” …a new resource from the BBCs education pages. The BBC has been building some of the best online learning resources for many years, BBC Bitesize has been around […]

21st Century idea for CPD!!!

21st Century CPD I have ideas, all the time, I’m just one of those people… Here’s  my latest idea that keeps coming into my mind! A while ago I mentioned […]

ICT in line with Ofsted thinking isn’t so bad :)

Recently reading the Ofsted report into their findings during ICT inspections since 2005 I was pleasantly surprised to find I wasn't shaking in my boots, instead I was highlighting huge sections and saying to myself "Oh yes, we do this, and I really wanted a good excuse to try that..."

The Earth in your hand…

While recently scanning through the pages of the i tunes App store I came across ‘Google Earth’ – not a total surprise, I have had the ‘big version’ of Google […]


The gift that is Dyslexia Dyslexia is about to become ‘the issue’ in teaching. I guess its about time, the first instance I had of it was an English teacher […]

VLEs…& the search for the Holy Grail

VLEs and the search for the Holy Grail The idea behind these has existed within universities for many many years (my earliest experience was with Blackboard), and most recently has […]

Return to

As I said, I’ll return to the topic. Over the past few years has really grown, with some great programmes on the channel, everything from lessons recorded and reviewed […]

Some time ago I signed up to and I must admit my sky+ is set for a number of the shows. Today a was sent a Clubs package, […]

‘Psychometric tests’ for teachers ! H…

‘Psychometric tests’ for teachers ! Having recently seen this article on the BBC’s website It’s made me think…would I have passed? The aim of the psychometric tests is to see […]

Transformers 2

Transformers 2 ! What to say, it rocks!! Ok it’s a little long, but it’s got a strong story (a repeat of film 1’s but longer) the action is bigger […]