VLEs…& the search for the Holy Grail

VLEs and the search for the Holy Grail The idea behind these has existed within universities for many many years (my earliest experience was with Blackboard), and most recently has […]

Return to teachers.tv

As I said, I’ll return to the topic. Over the past few years teachers.tv has really grown, with some great programmes on the channel, everything from lessons recorded and reviewed […]


Some time ago I signed up to teachers.tv and I must admit my sky+ is set for a number of the shows. Today a was sent a teacher.tv Clubs package, […]

‘Psychometric tests’ for teachers ! H…

‘Psychometric tests’ for teachers ! Having recently seen this article on the BBC’s website It’s made me think…would I have passed? The aim of the psychometric tests is to see […]

Transformers 2

Transformers 2 ! What to say, it rocks!! Ok it’s a little long, but it’s got a strong story (a repeat of film 1’s but longer) the action is bigger […]