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Unpick stretch and challenge

Having supported trainee and new teachers for many years now the topic of stretch and challenge in class always come up as something which causes teachers much worry.


Often trainees and NQTs ask questions like “So what kind of stretch and what kind of challenge should I put into a GOOD lesson?”

I completely understand where this comes from, we want to do well and at these very early stages in the profession we also wish to be seen to be getting everything right for our learners.

Unpick both

To help trainees and NQTs in the past I spend a little time unpicking the phrase ‘stretch and challenge’ before we look at example activities which have impact in classrooms.

UKedChat Conference

As part of the recent UKedChat online global conference I recorded this session for teachers thinking about stretch and challenge. I do hope trainees and NQTs find it useful!

Do get in though via comments or TWITTER to let me know what you think!

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