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Changing teaching – Post Covid-19

Changing behaviours and routines after lockdown

Covid-19 will change our behaviours and our routines across every aspect of school life. After having conversations with several teachers in recent weeks I’ve put together these two images.

I hope you will find these useful to help prompt discussions with leaders as we return to school. The images should also help us to prepare ourselves to a return to a workplace very different from the one we might have walked away from some 10 weeks ago.

Post-Covid teaching images

School operations…

Teaching and learning behaviours…

Many teachers have continued to work inside schools throughout the pandemic. These teachers will be in their own way coping with these changes as they develop daily. Those who have not been in school since lockdown began will likely find these more useful thinking/talking points.

Stay safe and well everyone!

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  1. Thanks for these very useful prompts, Paul. I am sure they will be extremely helpful for future discussions about finding ways forward.

    Take care,

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