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#Assessment – Colour cards

“Snapshot whole class progress and understanding.”


Learners hold up a colour card to indicate their progress/understanding of a topic/subject.

How to do this

Track down some coloured card or paper. The simplest version of this is to find orange and green paper.

Cut the A4 sheets up into 8 smaller rectangles (you can do this by folding the A4 sheet in 1/2 then repeat this folding a few times).

If you used card you can leave these as ‘class ready’.

If you used paper you will likely want to laminate these in order to make them reusable.

Using these in your class

Hand every learner one card of each colour (if your learners sit at tables you might include these in a table box).

Now use planned questions at points during your lesson such as “Hold up a green card if you have completed...” or “Choose a card to hold up which represents your understanding of this topic, green if you feel you’ve cracked it, orange if you need more practice“.


This is a fab and fast way to check understanding and progress. It isn’t fool proof but it can help you choose what next to do with your lesson or where you might target some intervention.

SIDE NOTE – I choose orange over red simply because in the past learners have told me they felt better indicating their lack of understanding with an orange card than a red.

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