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#Assessment – www/EBI

A quick and easy assessment idea you can make use of in any lesson.


Have learners reflect on what has gone well and what they would have improved their work using a sticky note.

How to do this:

After completing a piece work [or even at the start of a new lesson] ask learners to look at work they have produced.

Image of a sticky note with notes

Hand them out a sticky note [the most versatile resource you might ever have in your classroom].

Ask learners to draw a line down the middle of the sticky note. At the top of the left side ask learners to note the heading ‘www’ and on the right they note ‘EBI’.

Give a specific time in which learners should conduct a review of their own [or a peers] work.

The sticky note can then be left [stuck] onto the work and used to help the learners refine, reflect on and improve work.

Teaching tip:

Model a good example of www/EBI for learners before they begin this will help to quality control the responses!

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