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Documenting your standards

NQT/ITT programmes vary from institution to institution.

Keeping on top of your standards evidence remains a worry for many NQTs and Trainees.

For reference check out the Government NQT standards doc here.

Here are 4 tips to help you manage those pesky NQT  & ITT standards.


1. Read the standards. Sounds obvious but you’d be amazed how far into the first term some people get before they sit down and with a highlighter and pencil in hand to read the standards and consider the work they do which will form their evidence. Read, highlight and scribble your thoughts/notes along side all standards. Add questions, names of people you think can help further explain or provide you with support to meet these standards.

Paper/Digital – choose from the outset

2. Organise how you’ll record your evidence either digital or paper Based?

If you go digital my advice is to create a series of folders, one for each standard. Fill these with copies of evidence, for example lesson presentations, links to school website news stories you’re featured in, tweeted examples of your work, resources you’ve made and photos or scans of paperwork from school trips you’ve organised.

If you go paper based start with one large lever arch folder and put dividers in for each standard (word of warning) this might become a series of folder, one for each standard I really don’t recommend something so time intensive when you’re in your NQT year, it may be unavoidable as a trainee.

Calendar key dates and action dates!

3. Know your key dates – what deadlines are coming up?

stickynote these on a wall calendar or in your diary but make sure to highlight some days well in advance that you will use to sit down and collect information or write things up. There is little pint highlighting a deadline date if you don’t do the work in time to meet the deadline!

Know your targets

4. Know your targets each term – I recommends saving them in the notes on your phone, and on sticky notes on the front of your planners!

Grab a sheet of paper and divide it into two (fold it in 1/2 down the long middle) on the left list your targets for the term (make sure you space them out down the page).

On the right list the actions you’ll take (include dates to make sure you achieve all within the term) to meet your targets.

List things like; lessons you’ll be teaching, meetings/CPD you’ll be attending, staff you’ll speak and any other actions you can think of.

Both your ITT and NQT years are intense and busy but I have always believed starting from a well planned position makes either year less stressful and more successful!

Good luck and good teaching!

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