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Podcast 5: Youth work, the missing piece of the whole child puzzle?

Youth work – the missing piece of the puzzle?

This is  a really personal episode for me, I interview my brother who is a Youth Worker for a charity in the North East of England.

Although we chat often this might actually be the first time we have sat and talked in depth about the relationship between our two jobs – Teacher and Youth Worker.

Graeme works with young people in several small towns in rural Northumberland supporting them through their development. 

What was of huge interest to me in conducting the interview was to understand the role Youth Workers can have in teachers understanding  the whole child.

Graeme talks about how many students across the UK leave school at 3:30 and do not go home, they walk the streets with fiends until they find themselves at the doors or a Youth Project.

I hope this episode is as enlightening for you as it was for me!

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