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pi-top resource for computer science

Sometimes exciting resources grab your attention!

I was flattered to be asked to run a workshop at the recent EdTech Podcast Festival and had the absolute pleasure of meeting the pi-top team and spending some time at their stand chatting with Nick and Adam from the pi-top team while I was there.

If you’re not familiar with pi-top check this video out:

pi-top is a modular laptop, meaning you can add bits and customize it. It runs off the RaspberryPi.

To me it’s an exciting idea and product to put in the hands of learners as a way of bridging the gap which can exist between theoretical computer science and getting hands on making.

I’m very lucky to have a pi-top to open over the Christmas break and play with, then in January some training to go on.

I’ll be sharing more about this exciting resource for Computer Science students and teachers over the coming months.

Stay tuned!

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