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Lego league robotics and problem solving activities

Competition breeds creativity

The Lego league competition is an international competition, students all around the world take part in this every year.

Last year was my first introduction to the scheme and it proved a massive high point of my year!

Check out this video explaining the set up:

What was it like last year for my students?

Last year the project centered around water, how humans can work better with water in order to preserve it. Students work in two fields, one is the problem facing the real world and they are challenged to come up with a potential solution (my group invented a water purifier) and then present/pitch their idea at the event day.

The other element is the Lego! As part of the process Lego send out around 10 sets all created to link to the theme of the year (last year water, this year space) along side these sets you are challenged to programme a Mindstorm robot to interact with competed sets of Lego under timed conditions.

Check out this video from last years competition (not my students):

Why get involved?

Both elements of each years project center around a set of principles or as they term them ‘core values‘ these are:

These values are fantastic for educators to highlight while working with students on this type of project!

On the programming side the software available is not too difficult to get to grips with and there are lots of resources to help you and learners get started inc fantastic YouTube videos.

Get involved

My recommendation is that you get involved, run it as an after school club with a dedicated group of students. It’s fun, educational, challenging and hugely rewarding!

Check out some photos from my maker space studio used by my students on this project


Click for info on this years competition and how to get involved next year with your school

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