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Creative Computer Science Books…Coder Academy


I love a good book! Plenty of photos, bits to pull out and write on or keep, that’s my kind of book! 

In recent months I’ve noticed an absolute abundance of new books designed for young people who are interested in Computer Science.

Many of these take my favorite approach, they’re interactive, they have bits you add to or pull out and make/work with! They’re all also equally as good at inspiring teachers as well as curious children!

This is the first review of several, if you like the review follow the links to grab a copy of the book yourself and drop a comment on the page.

Coder Academy

By Sean McManus and Illustrated (beautifully by Rosan Magar)

This is a great book for girls and boys (Primary or absolute beginner at Secondary level).

The book introduces the reader to jobs in Computer Science right at the start of the book, jobs such as; Artist, Musician, Web developer and Coder.

I really love this because it highlights to the reader straight away that Computer Science can take someone into a range of unexpected fields and most importantly is a creative subject!

great interactive and paper based activities 

There are some great interactive and paper based activities ideas in this book, perfect for the reader is a student and equally perfect for the reader if they  are a teacher. The book will easily inspire activities you might deliver in your own classroom.


In the book…

The book is split up into projects. This means the reader can choose to start at the beginning and work through but could also just as easily jump in at any project based on their interests.

The project areas  in the book are;

  • Getting to know code (binary, flow charts, variables etc)
  • Arts and animation (Scratch in detail)
  • Music
  • Website building (html!)

Each section includes step by step instructions to complete a challenging unit and at the end a certificate to fill in and show off!The book is hugely engaging and inspiring.


I recommend it to any primary teachers looking to reinvigorate their curriculum delivery.It’s also a great book to have in your school library or recommend parents invest in for children as a Christmas or birthday present.

It’s exactly the kind of book I’d have wanted as a child! A really great way to engage children in coding and give them something practical, challenging and mind developing to be doing in their spare time.

Check out the gallery of images to see what the book pages look like and click the shop link to visit Amazon.

(I’m not affiliated with the author or publisher in any way and this is not a paid for review)


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