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Getting September Ready: Stretch and challenge Slips

IMG_4878Stretch and Challenge is right at the top of my ‘must tackle’ list this year!

With that in mind I created these little Stretch and Challenge slips!

I’m a bit of a fan of the Bitmoji App, if you have SnapChat you can download the Bitmoji app to create your own avatar. If you don’t want SnapChat the trick is to download it, sign up then delete it once you’ve set up BitMoji!

I used the Bitmoji avatar for my Blog and Twitter identity but then realised the little Bitmoji’s that the app generates every day might be of use in other situations.


Bitmoji gallery in the App – updates daily

Stretch and Challenge Slips


Over App workspace

Sat watching tv the other evening I was scrolling through BitMoji and several of the funny images gave me an idea.

The result; these quickly created Stretch and Challenge Slips that I’m going to use in September.

I’m certain my students will love the fact they have the avatar on them, I’ve used the avatar in worksheets etc before and it’s proved popular.

I managed to make the challenge slips 100% on my phone using two Apps – Bitmoji & Over .

The Over App lets me move graphics around and add text easily.

I’ve added the slips to my teachershop as a cheap pdf download.

Feel free to use the pdf or download Bitmoji and Over yourself to have a go at creating your own. If you do please share your creations with me via Twitter! @tips4teachingUK


Download for via teachershop here.

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