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tips4teaching PODCAST

Last summer I started a Podcast.

Don’t worry if you missed it, it didn’t last long. The busiest year of teaching got in the way! However like a phoenix from the ashes a new podcast has risen!


Let me explain why I’m having another go at Podcasting:

I’ve started working at the fabulous Aureus school in September and I now find myself having rather long drives to and from work. To ease the tedium of the drives I turned to Podcasts, starting with the fab podcast from Cult of Pedagogy which @Teachertoolkit had introduced me to (thanks again Ross)

I’ve since added the wonderful EdTech Podcast from Sophie Bailey and the TeacherToolkit Podcast series as well.

After a few weeks of listening I thought about my abandoned project, and who if I could I would like to have a conversation with about education for such a podcast.

I’ve now made a pretty long list of interviewees and I’ve kick started that with Art Lead Practitioner Laura Bainbrigge who discusses with me why Arts education is so special to her and why it is important to young people and communities as a whole.

Upcoming conversations are planned and will hopefully drop online roughly once a month, these include Educational conversations with:

  • Youth workers
  • School Governors
  • Parents of children experiencing schooling at all levels
  • Teachers, leaders and authors

You might read that list and think it odd that Teachers are not first listed, that’s deliberate. To differentiate our podcast from others I want the podcast to be conversations around  the landscape of education so that listeners can draw their own ideas from these. Speaking to parents often helps teachers refocus things they do in class, speaking to youth workers to can talk about work done with young people outside of the school environment is also very enlightening about the wider world of ‘learning’.

The general aims of the tips4teaching podcast:

  • Feature discussion between teachers
  • Explore educational activities inside and outside of school settings
  • To share tips and ideas

Although the podcast starts with just myself having discussions with individuals from the end of the summer it will be a regularly two host show with myself and Laura sharing the mic!

Welcome to our Podcast adventure!

Click on the image to view our Podcast page and see the wide range of places you can subscribe from including Google and Apple!

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