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Sharing knowledge

Know it? Share it!

One of my favourite ways to assess students understanding of a topic I’ve taught is to ask them to share their new knowledge/skill with a new audience.

Being able to share their knowledge is a good way of demonstrating the depth of understanding they have of a new topic.

There are many tools to enable this, students could use IT tools like presentation software or desktop publishing software but also hands con creative tools like flip charts, pencils and pens or other materials.


Two things are key to this:

  1. Give learners clear success criteria with which you’ll measure their success/understanding
  2. Make the sharing real, if you can give learners a real and clear audience whom they are sharing their knowledge with (this can help you differentiate your outcomes too, for example ‘explain this to a beginner, and explain this to an expert will require different uses of vocabulary!)

Try to look at the ways you ask your learners to share their knowledge.



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