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Welcome to the online shop with one goal:

Get high impact, low cost resources into the hands of every teacher teaching in the UK!

Since I designed the teaching resources two years ago it’s always been frustrating that teachers had to order them through catalogues such as YPO and ESPO which had minimum order spends (often £20) and didn’t allow easy ordering with the likes of PayPal.



The online shop (open now) does two awesome things to help me get these easy to use and high impact resources to as many teachers as possible…

  1. It allows teachers to buy online using PayPal or their debit/credit card (via PayPal) meaning their are no minimum spends of £20!
  2. It also has the exclusive ‘starter set’ of resources which contains one booklet of each of the 7 resources I originally designed. Teachers can test out each resource in their lessons before finding out which they love/use the most and reorder those in future.

The Starter Set is open now please share and promote on social media to help teachers and trainee teachers across the UK de-stress and teach great lessons as easily as possible!


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