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Differentiation in 3 words

How do I make this easier?

Differentiation is a real headache for many teachers, it’s something I see many training days focusing on and many teachers being told to brush up on after observations.

The truth is like so many things in our job, if you just find a way of differentiating which works for you then it’s not as much of a headache!

My team

For my team last term that was to make 3 words from Blooms Taxonomy key to every lesson, every presentation and every resource used.

  • Identify
  • Explain
  • Justify

By differentiating with questions structured around these three words you can easily stretch and challenge the learners in your lessons!

Here’s the quick tip video about this I’ve shared on Twitter and FaceBook.

More coming soon as I plan for January teaching!



More differentiation tips in my book …



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