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4 AFL practices

Showing assessment and progress over time on a coursework course.

I teach the CiDA ICT course, the learners have to create a number of digital products.

One could be tempted to say this is an ICT course, all their work is digital and so I can’t evidence the feedback I give as it’s all verbal and done over their shoulder.

I don’t accept that, whilst I know it may work in some schools, I know it’s not the best method of assessing and helping learners progress in my school.

Here are the top 4 ways I assess work in order help my learners progress on a coursework heavy course.

Why do I like these?

These methods work for the learner, for me to see their progress over time and are clearly evident when someone looks at their work.

Four things I do…

1. Print it out – an evidencing routine – At some point in every lesson learners are asked to print their latest version, even if it’s not finished. Printed work is stapled on top of the last version and always use for some form of AFL activity, peer assessment, self or teacher. often as I or peers talk about work they/I run a pen across their work to highlight areas to improve.


2. Date it – I date stamp learners work, and staple each new print out on top of the previous. This helps when discussing progress with the learner so they themselves can see how far they have developed a product and take pride in their efforts. It makes progress very obvious to anyone looking in a folder at work! The dates help keep the chronology clear!


3. Points to improve – I also use stickers on learners work to make feedback stand out more clearly when I think that’s necessary, these are always written as bullet points so learners have a clear list to follow to help them progress. This feedback is also dated.


4. Praise outcomes – Praise is a hugely important part of the feedback process for me as it is about recognising that learners are making good progress. Learners need to see this praise and need to know it is linked to their efforts in response to feedback. It inspires them to keep going!


Teachers of coursework courses, how do you assess and evidence progress over time?

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