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Differentiation and scaffolding

These two are the closest relations in a teacher mind, so close that they’re the most often confused terms.

Differentiation (to me) is providing stretch and challenge to learners based on their ability and potential.

Scaffolding is what you do to ensure all learners can access the learning at any level.

Perhaps more important than working about the classification of these is to understand that both are vital in enabling good and ‘outstanding’ progress to happen.

This short post is to share an interesting and very useful online toll I’ve tracked down while supporting the development of differentiation activities across my faculty.

The Differentiator!


This fab resource is an online statement generator – great for anyone getting their head around differentiation using Blooms Taxonomy.

If you’re a trainee, or a teacher who’s been asked to develop their in lesson differentiation practice I recommend spending a little time trying out this resource.


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