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I’m on a mission this year to make marking across my faculty the best in school!

Want to join me?


I want teachers across my faculty to mark in a way that hasĀ the smallest impact on their time but the HIGHEST impact on learners progress – want to join us?


Here’s the method we’re using this year:

Three colours are used to highlight work which is ‘Good’ Need some improvement’ or ‘Not meeting requirements/standards’.


Add to that colour codingĀ one sticker at the end of the marking which has 2-3 bullet points suggesting how that work or future work can be improved.

colour coding pens.PNG


I’ve put it all together in a simple policy guide (colour code marking policy) there’s also a downloadable template for the stickers too (here).Feedback colour pen.PNG

I’ve even bought an easy to use feedback highlighter for every member of the team, all three colours on one pen!

Are you going to join us this year and in some High Impact marking?

Let me know if you are?

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