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Department meetings


New to a school? New to a Department or Faculty?

Everyone is new at some point, don’t worry about it!

Six years ago I was new in a Department, two years ago I was new to leading a Faculty. In one role I attended meetings as a new member of staff in the other I had to lead them as a new member of staff. Both instances were nerve-wracking for some reason.

Here’s 3 top tips for department meetings for either leading or attending!

Leading meetings:

  1. Be prepared in advance – get your agenda out to everyone at least the day before the meeting
  2. Always include AOB on your agendas – there’s always something you need to add and others should be encouraged to add to the meeting their own points at this time
  3. Follow your script, it’s easy to get drawn into conversations (or moans) that you’d have had when you were a class teacher, but as a leader you’ve got to get through your agenda and make sure you give each item adequate time. Go through each item in order and make your own notes against them prior to the meeting to help you say what needs to be said.

Attending meetings:

  1. READ the agenda before the meeting – there’s nothing more embarrassing than turning up without the folders you were asked to bring!
  2. Go prepared, take the agenda with you (printed if you like or on a tablet) have a pen, notepad and anything that was requested to be with you in the agenda
  3. If there’s a question you have or something you don’t understand DO NOT sit in silence – ask the question! Get clarification! People will not mind, in fact they’ll be expecting you to ask questions.

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