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Appraisal Tips



Have you set some professional target this year?

Have you started the appraisal process yet?

Here are 2 top tips for your appraisal so you walk into your meeting prepared and ready to impress!

  • Paperwork – make sure you’ve sought out the latest copy of your schools Appraisal paper work. No use preparing anything else if you are working from an out of date copy of your schools process.
  • Notes – Write your suggested targets down, add next to the targets a number of actions you know you can take throughout the year to make them achievable. Set some milestones ‘by December I’ll have done…’ these will help you remain on track to succeed!


Here are 3 tips for setting your own targets


  1. Think about a class you teach and the pupils within it, collect their data and examine the Pupil Premium and Higher Attaining ratio. Set yourself a target which challenges you to work with both sets of learners to achieve their target grades eg ‘Over 50% of PP and 50% HATT  learners in class 11A will achieve their target grade or above”.
  2. Think about you as a leader – a leader of other teachers, of an aspect of the curriculum or a responsibility you hold within your department. Set yourself a target which encourages you to move something forward, engage more students or staff in something with you or demonstrates you taking responsibility and initiative to lead.
  3. Your professional development is so very important, look at an aspect of your role as a teacher or leader which you could develop over the course of the year. As a class teacher it could be your questioning technique, as a leader it could be your ability to hold others to account and get them to participate fully in something.

My biggest tip is that you take ownership of your own appraisal, don’t let your appraiser set you targets 100% of their making, the best way to ensure this is to go in with your own suggested targets and then to discuss these and amend as you both see fit!

Have a successful year everyone!

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