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Intervention Action Plan

Intervention action plan imageThat time of year again – Exams for some subjects start in just 15 school weeks – it’s vital you examine current attainment data now and take smart intervention action to make sure learners are on track to achieve their best!

This resource is a free pdf download designed to help you do exactly that! – do the analysis of your data in school then fill out this sheet for each student you feel needs an intervention.


Use it wisely

  • Don’t write interventions for every student in your class, identify ones who are behind (perhaps start by looking at your Pupil Premium students), or in danger of failing to reach their expected grade.
  • Set smart targets by indicating exact areas of the course content they need to re-do/improve/revise and set a time bound target in which you’ll review what students do.
  • Set out clear actions to be taken so no one can misunderstand your expectations, if it’s “attend Tuesday 3:30 catch up and revise two business ownership options until you can highlight their key benefits without help” you’ve something clear you can measure!
  • Encourage learners to keep the record in a part of their folder or work book where it is obvious to you, them and anyone else!

Download by clicking below… Awareness



Click to download – Newer version available to print A5 (2 per A4sheet)

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