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#NQTAdvice CPD session

On Wednesday before the holiday I facilitated a CPD session for our NQTs and PGCE trainees; a reflection on their 1st term in teaching.

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I say facilitated because at this stage I want to hear from the NQTs more than be providing the ‘wisdom lecture’.

We started with some positive sharing.

NQT positive

NQTs shared some fab positive experiences from their first term, including;

  • Learning routines that make the job survivable
  • Getting to know their colleagues
  • Getting to know all the students they teach
  • Putting theory into real practice

The session moved on to a structured discussion around the NQTs experiences in these areas.

NQT thoughts

Again the NQTs did not disappoint, and had plenty to share on these areas;

  • “Assessment takes so much practice to be confident you’re doing it right”
  • “I stay late 4 nights a week and that frees my weekend”
  • “I think a good relationship goes a long way! And sticking to routines to manage behaviour, setting clear boundaries!”
  • “I can see data being the thing I have to work hardest at to use correctly”
  • “Engaging learners right at the start of a drama lesson with a hook works so well”

The only things I did specifically share from my own wisdom were on these areas;

  • Planning
  • Assessment for learning
  • Pupil feedback
  • Questioning
  • Twitter

NQT planning

We discussed how they plan, and how I plan and I shared some of my planning resources that I’ve developed in order to make my life easier and more productive.

NQT advice colour marking

If you saw my post on colour coded marking then you know what I’m talking about here, I made some suggestions that might improve the speed of their marking and pupils reaction to marking.

NQT ADVICE learner feedback

Getting learners to actually respond to feedback is a skill, these slips help with that so I introduced them to where they can access these and we discussed subject specific designs of challenge questions…

NQT Advice blooms

Which leads nicely to Blooms – we discussed how to challenge learners with better questions in the next term.

NQT advice share from twitter

I also talked about the support Twitter can provide every teacher but specifically NQTs!

NQT development

Finally we discussed ongoing areas for development into term 2.

Resources for NQTs not at my school

You can watch the short video at the foot of the page where I’ve voiced a shortened version of the workshop – you might find it useful. (coming soon)

The presentation is also available to edit and use if you wish.


Congratulations to every NQT out there that has survived their first term, it’s a hard joinery but a rewarding one!

Here’s to term two!



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