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Relax, take stock, rethink…

It’s the holiday season!


What are your plans? I’ll be spending the entire holiday with my family, they help me recharge my batteries, gain perspective and inspire new ideas.

Xmas stress 5

The holiday season is stressful for so many reasons (many not related to teaching).

But as a teacher you’ve been dragging yourself to this holiday as if it represents the holy grail of self renewal. You need this break to help you recharge so you can cope with the next stressful term.

You’ve options

You can lay back and ‘do nothing’ all holiday except ‘eat, drink and be merry’ however I’d like to suggest you make an effort to dedicate time for your wellbeing.

Don’t just rely on the holiday itself to magically recharge you.

Xmas stress 3

Recharge ideas

  • Indulge a hobby you’ve neglected since September
  • Read a book (the sense of achievement that you’ve started and finished a book not related to work is fabulous!)
  • Visit an art gallery and quietly let the art inspire and relax you
  • Do something artistic; paint, sketch, draw, photograph and collect these works together in a book you buy especially for them
  • Follow the hashtag #teacher5aday on twitter and see what other teachers are doing to relax
  • Try one of the colouring books for adults
  • Listen to a favourite album from start to finish with no interruption (plug in headphones and lay in bed to do this, or go for a drive, or even send everyone else out for an hour to give you the space to do this)


What are your suggestions?

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Xmas stress 6

Stay well everyone.

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