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New Marking Policy 2016

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I’ve mentioned before the colour coding I’ve used this year as my feedback tool.

From January 2016 this is Faculty Policy.

The reasons why we colour code marking

  • Visually obvious to learners that they have feedback
  • Quickly signposts learners to positive feedback
  • Encourages an independence in reviewing the assessment of work
  • Quick method of marking for teachers
  • Standardises the approach across a faculty to improve consistency
  • Visualises AFL to anyone reading learner books

Two key tools



  1. Thanks for posting these ideas and the details of how you are going to practically manage the change. I can see how this makes a very visual mark on student’s work so that any observer can see that it has been marked and where.

    Can I ask what prompted you to evaluate the marking in your department and therefore adapt to this policy? How does this fit in to your school’s marking policy? Finally, sorry lots of questions’ but how does this privide more effective feedback than grading/ levelling against criteria?



    • Thanks Mike,

      1. Was part on an ongoing reflection of practice in dept
      2. School has very open policy which requires ‘regular and formative’ feedback to be given. This fits very well in that
      3. Work is still graded appropriately this is simply a standardised way of assessing and feeding back which we find is motivating learners more than simply marking work in black pen, ticking and adding a comment. This is generating interest from the learner then encouraging more independence in how they approach acting on feedback 😀

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