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Hour of Code 2015

Hour Of Code

My students (year 7 in particular) have gone crazy for the hour of code this year!

We teach 1 hour lessons so it’s easy to assign an hour and give learners a challenge.


This year I played this video as they came into class as the ‘hook’.

Then set them challenges based on ability from the site and asked them (for homework) to prepare a short presentation highlighting what they think they learned and explaining one particular challenge from the hour of code which they enjoyed tackling.

Simple – try it yourself this week or next just before the Xmas break !

UPDATE: I also created a simple progress slip for the lesson allowing me to mark which activity learners attempted and give some positive praise about their early steps into coding.

Pdf of slip

KS3 hour of code award slip

Editable ppt

hr of code certs


Example slip filled in for learners

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