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A calming space

The need for calm

Everyone needs some calm time, and a calming activity. That’s why colouring books for all ages – including adults are so popular!

Children and teenagers often find colouring very calming, its an excellent distraction activity too when you’re dealing with an upset young person, give them something to colour, focus their attention on that and then calmly start to talk about what’s bothering/upsetting them.

Shopping in London a little while ago I found the most amazing resource to help with this – I’m just waiting to have access to an office space big enough to use it.

Potential for clam

These giant colouring in sheets would make for fantastic office wall paper! Just imagine, Friday afternoon, last lesson and an angry child is delivered to your door.

You hand them 3 different colours and with a smile say “colour in any section of that wall you like”.

Wait for them to be suitably focused and calmed and then calmly start to unravel the incident that’s resulted in them being with you and not in their lesson.

I think its a fabulous resource, now i just need the office with a free wall!

What do you think? doe it have merit as an idea for calming learners you work with?

You can buy from Amazon here.

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