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C-tech ICT Unit 1 resources

Resources which engage

I’ve taught AS/A2 ICT (AQA), BTEC ICT (Edexel) and since taking up my HoD post I’ve been teaching CTech ICT (Edexel).

Interestingly I’m still covering much the same content, it’s the assessment methodologies that have developed.

My latest resource is a series of structured note pages for learners following the CTECH course, covering Units; 1,2,27,43.

Resources that cover criteria

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The idea is to help learners take the right notes to inform the actual tasks set for them – and reduce the dependency on ‘googling the answer’ attitude which plagued my teaching of BTEC in recent years.

I’m making the resources available here as free downloads – I print them direct to the photocopier (A3) back to back so that they form neat booklets. The pages also contain areas for peer assessment and teacher assessment.

Please let me know your thoughts on the resources if you use them!


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