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Teacher feedback

Thank you to all those devotees out there who’re buying and using the classroom resources I designed.

resources rangeIt’s wonderful to hear about the positive impact my resources have in lessons. To say thank you I’m making this freebie available before it joins the range next year.

Ofsted and book reviews/scrutinies 

As many of us are finding out the new Ofsted focus on work scrutinies is adding a new dimension to the marking debate, the new dimension seems to be ‘is it clear and evident’ – in books, folders to an external reviewer?

Does it stand out?

I lead on ICT and Computer Science but if I do a learning walk in English how easily will I spot the marking by a teacher, the areas learners have to improve and the actions the learner has taken to improve. All adds up to a lot doesn’t it?

IMG_0594Freebies always welcome

I’m adding a free resource to the class resources range and making the template for ‘teacher feedback’ slips available here as a FREE download.

Teacher feedback slip

Print these on sticker paper, or on plain paper and glue into books/folders as you see fit, but just like the classroom resources you pay for this one is designed to stand out easily when a learner or visitor opens a book.

Hope you appreciate and find the resource useful.


feedback teacher


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