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Rockets and Lightbulbs – Stretch and Challenge

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Stretch and Challenge

This posts looks at one way to subtly signpost observers to the stretch and challenge in your lessons over time.

Post Ofsted this has been made an area of development across our school, departments are responding in a number of ways. One such way I’l share here.


Stretch and Challenge in the light of the new book scrutiny culture – How do you signpost that you stretch and challenge regularly?

Looking back to the Future 

logoOne conversation around the above question took my boss and I back to his early days differentiating in Design and Technology.

Not wanting to print high ability resources on yellow paper and lower ability on green (because he felt it was shockingly obvious to the learners what you were doing) he devised something more subtle.

Rockets and Lightbulbs

It’s as simple as two different logos in the corners of your resources/worksheets, you know what they mean, learners might even work it out, but its less obvious than colour paper when you hand it out!

AND importantly its clear to anyone flicking through your books or folders that you’ve a system in place to stretch and challenge learners based on their ability (or expected ability).

Attached to download are the two logos I have created for my team to use on resources. Let me know what you think of this subtle approach to stretch and challenge in the classroom.

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