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ComicBook Club & Boys Reading


Enrichment beyond ICT

I started a comic book club this 1/2 term for two reasons;

  • To have some positive impact on boys reading/literacy
  • To enhance my departmental offering of enrichment

Lots of research shows that engaging boys in enrichment activities pays off long term in engaging them with school in general!

Also, can I just say that club isn’t exclusive for boys – and I don’t advertise it like that. I just know more boys are showing an interest initially in coming to read, create and discuss comics on their lunch break.

Their 1st challenge was to create their own comic book – using the template I’ve made downloadable here:

Free comic template 1 to get your club started or to use in class.

I’ll see the fruits of their efforts when they’re returned – and I’m looking forward to that a lot!


The wonderful SciFi shop Forbidden Planet give me a hefty discount on comics this weekend to support the new club! Many thanks to them!

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