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Coming soon…

Although #ValuableVocab is being updated on a regular basis I wanted to sign post my readers to some upcoming posts…

coming soon

Keep going – In light of the shocking ‘fall out’ rate of NQTs who are just burning out I want to post about the options you have in this career when you feel you’re ‘at the end of your rope’.

Food Habits – A pet obsession of mine. I’m appalled at what some of our students eat in a whole day, partly fuelled in school by offerings such as pizza in morning breaks! I’d like readers to help me survey the UK learner eating habits.

Ideas for transition – It’s almost that time of year when you are presented with fresh faced learners for just one day! I’ve some lesson ideas I thought I’d share.

Leadership – I thought I’d share my reflections on a year as a HoD, the challenges I expected to face and the ones I didn’t see coming.

All are due to go online this month (May).


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