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FaceBook – Schemes of work discussion

Over on the new FaceBook page…

I’m asking the question ‘what needs to be in a Scheme of Work?’.

Schemes of Work or Learning Plans are vital tools; teachers and leaders need them. It’s like going on a long hike without a map if you don’t have one – just silly!


I made some notes on what Schemes of Work I’ve had to produce in the past have ‘had’ to contain. It’s a lot!

And as our workloads increase (regardless of what DfE says about changing that) I feel I want to revisit Schemes in order to keep them purposeful. Once something becomes a chore in this job the value of them begins to fall, and staff start to just fill them in because they have to. I want my team to fill them in because they value them as a planning tool.

Conversation is happening over on FaceBook. Leave your thoughts on Schemes of Work there…


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