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Carry On Teachers…

Light entertainment

It’s 1/2 term so we need to find some time to smile, relax and as our students say ‘chill’. My methods of relaxation include cycling, reading, drawing, and my guilty pleasure of watching the Carry On films.

Some time ago my passion for these films was indulged with the complete set given as a gift. Allowing me to re-watch the films that don’t always get rerun on tv.

My fave least shown films are;

  • Carry On Teacher (Obviously)
  • Carry On Cabby
  • Carry On Spying

Cabby and Teacher are both b&w films and are true classics of British cinema in my book! Perfect films to make you giggle on a rainy day!

With Sid James’ laugh echoing in my head I decided to create a few memes to cheer us teachers up as we prepare for another 1/2 term, coming exams, stressful students, teachers, and leaders!

So, enjoy, retweet, share as you wish, Carry on Laughing!

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  1. Love the memes! Am a big Carry on Fan too! Have been using your resources to great effect bought a job lot from YPO. The feedback sheets have been great especially in PE and Music lessons with teachers I work with. Will keep spreading the word. Happy holidays, Carmel

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    • Ha Ha (Sid James laugh)!
      Glad to hear the resources are proving a hit too! Really great to hear how they’re being used! Enjoy what remains of the break!

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